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Son op Sondag continues to make inroads into the lucrative Sunday lifestyle papers by delivering a balance of news, entertainment and opinion. Read more...

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Press Release

Soaking up the Son on Sundays

Issued by: SON | 8 Dec 2014 12:35

After a week of daily commuting, deadlines at work, and the endless list of home chores and errands, it's nice to kick back and relax with the Sunday paper.

Son op Sondag's 393,000 readers look forward to this weekly unwind with their choice - a community-minded paper that has something for everyone: hard-hitting news, sports reports, celebrity updates, gospel, entertainment and general news.

Being up to date is important to the reader so Son op Sondag has tweaked its logo and masthead, making it even more distinct, contemporary and recognisable.

The new logo also helps differentiate Son op Sondag from its sister brand, Son, the country's most read Afrikaans daily newspaper.

Son op Sondag is about starting conversations and appeals to community-minded readers. Relevant news, event reporting and community coverage have made the paper 'the voice of the people'. Above all else, Son op Sondag keeps it real, reflecting not only life's issues but also empowering and educating the reader in the process.

8 Dec 2014 12:35

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